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(Formerly Vijay Leasing Company) – Raising Contractors

Encouraged by the boom in the mining of iron ore, Vijay Mining & Infra Corp Pvt. Ltd. contracted with a mine in Bellary, Karnataka. The success of this venture extended the expansion of Vijay Mining & Infra into several other mines in an area spanning 200 acres.

With dogged diligence Vijay Mining & Infra in the harsh conditions of the mines and quarries surpassed product expectations and standards for mining equipment set by the manufacturers themselves.

Coupled with an innate knowledge of the business and disciplined by decades of training imbibed within the group, Vijay Miining & Infra continues to break new ground. In 2008, Vijay Mining & Infra won a major project for excavation and removal of overburden and barytes at an open cast mine in Mangampeta, Kadapa, AP. This is by far the only economically viable barytes mine in the world.

Following this success, Vijay Mining & Infra entered into an agreement with AMR Constructions in 2009 to act as subcontractor for the excavation work in Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. at OC2 Manuguru in Khammam District.

Altogether the mines have a big fleet of Volvo Excavators, Loaders, Graders, giant Atlas Copco Crawler Drillers, Caterpillar Dumpers, Compactors and Crushers. In total the number of construction and mining equipment of different types in all mines is 450. Vijay Mining & Infra also specializes in Crushing and Screening activities in the mines.

While Vijay Mining & Infra has enjoyed spectacular growth since its inception in 2001, since 2005 it has recorded a 100% year over year increase and this pace will be sustained in the coming several years. Starting with a turnover of Rs. 33 crores ($ 6.6 million USD) in 2006-07, Vijay Mining & Infra has reached a target of Rs. 317 crores ($63.4 million USD) to date.

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